Nostalgia and Passion of the Balkans.

Vasko Atanasovski – vocal, saxophone, flute
Dejan Lapanja – guitar
Marjan Stanić – drums & percussion

»The best what Slovenia has to offer!« Jasa Lorencic, Vecer

»Vasko Atanasovski Trio is fantastic! The whole world should hear them!« Zdenko Matoz, Delo

»Vasko Atanasovski at least for our climate created an entirely new musical style!« Mario Batelic, Radio Student

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CD Melem is out!

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Internationally renowned artist Vasko Atanasovski, with his project Melem, in a modern way revives the musical tradition of the Balkans. His music reflects the old South Slavic soul and more than a century old songs weave a fresh and touching stories. Distinctive saxophone sound and unique vocal takes us along the paths of nostalgia, unhappy love, endless love, eternal longing and passion.


Melem Videos

Vasko is accompanied by an exceptional guitarist Dejan Lapanja and virtuoso drummer Marjan Stanic. The Trio has been active for many years and in the project Melem’ they are dedicated the the acoustic and sophisticated music performance.


Marjan Stanić, Vasko Atanasovski, Ariel Vei Atanasovski, Dejan Lapanja, Matija Dedić

Saxophonist and composer Vasko Atanasovski, is known primarily for various collaborations with world renowned jazz, rock, classical and traditional musicians and masterful approach to all musical styles.

With its music, he has crossed the world from India, China, Argentina, the US and Europe, and has worked with names such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Marc Ribot, Hindi Zahra, Living Colour, Tommy Emmanuel and many others.


*photos by Ursa Lukovnjak, Matjaz Vrecko and Francesco Moretti