Vasko Atanasovski & Simone Zanchini Duo

Balcano Mediterranean power Duo.

Vasko Atanasovski (slo) – soprano & alto sax, flute

Simone Zanchini (it) – accordion, live electronics

Virtuous and powerful duo Vasko Atanasovski and Simone Zanchini, universal musicians, composers, interlacing in ethno, jazz, classical, folk and avantgarde music, are presenting duo with original music.

vasko atanasovski & simone zanchini

The musicians started to collaborate in 2001 when Simone Zanchini joined Vasko Atanasovski in Adrabesa Quartet, together with important musicians Roberto Bartoli from Italy and Krunoslav Levacic from Croatia.


The repertoire include compositions of both musicians, that with connecting severe structures with moments of total freedom, faithfully follows the concept of polirhythms and knits various musical origins with improvisation.


“…by playing and discovering these compositions we became aware that this duo creates a special sound that goes beyond the sound of individual instruments; it’s a sound inside sound. This pleasant surprise gave us the inspiration for further work although we come from very different cultural environement and we have different musical background and education.


In dialog of typical rhythms of Macedonia where are the roots of Slovenian musician and swing and groove of an eclectic Italian vagabond, rise a polirhytmic that’s explosive and funny musical mixure.

*photos by Bojan Stepancic in Ursa Lukovnjak