High energy vitamine music.
Vasko Atanasovski – vocal, saxophone, flute
Dejan Lapanja – guitar
Marjan Stanić – drums & percussion
»The best what Slovenia has to offer!« Jasa Lorencic, Vecer

»Vasko Atanasovski Trio is fantastic! The whole world should hear them!« Zdenko Matoz, Delo

“Jim Morrison with saxophone!” Jaša Lorencic, Vecer

»Vasko Atanasovski at least for our climate created an entirely new musical style!« Mario Batelic, Radio Student

The band of three exceptional internationally renowned Slovenian musicians with Vasko Atanasovski at the forefront issued the famous album “Come To Me” in the spring of 2012 and still quite fresh is also their album “Feel“. Both editions have received outstanding reviews in Slovenian and foreign music scene. In addition to numerous concerts in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, the band drew two concert tours in remote China, last fall they made it in London, Germany and a longer tour in Argentina.

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Ecstasy, high energy, eclectic mix of musical styles and uncompromising are well known characteristics of their performances, which leave no one indifferent. Lively rhythms are calling for dance. Lyrics in English, Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian are mainly about love, inspired by humor and witty metaphors. Beside Vasko in the band there is also a virtuoso drummer Marjan Stanic and remarkable guitarist Dejan Lapanja.
Author of the music and lyrics, Vasko Atanasovski is known for his collaborations with world famous musicians (Hindi Zahra, Living Colour, Vlatko Stefanovski …), masterful approach to all musical styles and the exceptional musical oeuvre and originality. With his music he already traveled a considerable part of the world.

Up to now, has released 13 albums and not long ago, the largest publishing house in the Balkans, Croatia Records released the album ‘Best of Vasko Atanasovski’, which makes beside legendary group »Buldozer«, the only Slovenian musician with such reputation.

*photos by Tone Stamcar and Matjaz Vrecko